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To provide the safest, most reliable, and most efficient snubbing and pumping within the continental United States.


We launched in 2010 under the name Surface Control West of Louisiana, LLC with our base of operations in Eastern Louisiana. Since our launch we have performed snubbing and pumping services for clients in Louisiana and Texas. In June of 2013, we changed our name to S&R Snubbing, LLC and moved our base of operations to Huntsville, TX.

Though we are relatively young as a company, we do not lack in experience. Our Supervisors and Managers have over 53 years of snubbing experience and are knowledgable in the Haynesville, Eaglebine, Eagleford, Tuscaloosa, Marcellus, Anadarko Basin, Barnett, and Permian Shale formations



Safety – when we talk about safety, we mean it. That’s why we put it in the name. We recognize that it takes a lot of effort to ensure the safety of everyone on the job, not just our personnel. So, we’ve come up with our own version of PP&E, People, Processes & Procedures, and Equipment.

People First. We have high expectations not only of every employee, but for every employee. We screen our employees to ensure that we are getting quality personnel and then invest a lot of time in training and mentoring. It is our aim to provide every employee not only the ability to make a good living, but to improve all facets of their lives as well.

Processes & Procedures. These are the guide rails that help achieve the safety of our personnel. It’s important that each and every employee take an active role in learning, adding to, and owning these so that we can maintain a culture of safety.

Equipment.  We look over the equipment before the job, during the job and after the job. We are always reviewing and inspecting our equipment to ensure the safety of our employees.